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Don’t Bug Out Pest Control offers an experienced, dependable, and reliable service that you can depend. Taking care of your pest problems residential or commercial, is our specialty. When it comes to your pest control needs, we will give you the “peace of mind” with fast, affordable service. We can handle any of your pest problems, from ants to termites to bed bugs to rodents and so much more.

We are fully licensed and insured and only use the latest techniques with environmentally friendly solutions to handle your problem.

we offer emergency service

as well as ongoing maintenance programs for all residential and commercial properties.

Protecting your home from pests is our

#1 priority!

The friendly technicians at Don’t Bug Out Pest Control, start protecting your home by conducting a thorough inspection. First, we with a focus on areas that attract pests or allow them access into your home. Our licensed inspectors will teach you how you can best control pests through preventative steps. Our highly trained technicians will use industry leading techniques to rid your home of any existing pests. After the initial treatment, we our technicians will recommend an ongoing pest management program for your home.



in environmentally safe techniques and a comprehensive approach to pest management. Don’t Bug Out Pest Control is fully licensed and insured and offers 24/7 service for all your pest needs.

For commercial businesses, Don’t Bug Out Pest Control will be the reliable and affordable solution you are looking for. We service restaurants, delis, offices, buildings, warehouses and schools, as well as property management companies, and homeowner associations. Don’t Bug Out Pest Control is certified and offers the most thorough property
inspections in the industry. We also offer ongoing pest control service and maintenance. We take pride in the fact that we provide a proven, environmentally safe, cost-effective solution for your pest problems.

We are licensed and fully insured and provide


for any of your business or commercial property needs.

If you have mice or rats,

it is imperative that you rid your property of them immediately! Our team of licensed, insured and highly trained pest control experts have experience treating residential and commercial structures for rodents and other common pests. Don’t Bug Out Pest Control is ready to protect you and your property with fast, effective and safe treatments that are tailored to your situation. We provide a thorough on-site inspection for your property to ensure that you are choosing the best solution possible.

Don’t Bug Out Pest Control, is and industry leader in

bed bug services

We Service all of NYC and central and northern NJ. We provide environmentally safe extermination solutions at affordable pricing. Our certified and highly trained technicians will rid your home or business of pests in the most cost effective and efficient way. We service wherever bed bugs occur. This includes residential houses, condos, townhouses, apartments, motels, hotels, commercial properties and more. Call us now to learn how we can quickly get rid of those harmful bed bugs.


comprehensive 90 days guarantee on all bed bug services..

When you find a cockroach in your home, you probably


We can help quickly eliminate roaches from you’re your home or business.

call us now and we will send one of our highly trained technicians to help!

No matter where you live in NYC or central and northern NJ, you have likely run across cockroaches. They are among the most common pests around the world. Roaches multiply rapidly, spread disease, and are a cause of distress and annoyance for so many people. Here in NYC and central and northern NJ, roaches are a persistent problem, and most home and business owners should schedule regular service to ensure the problem doesn’t return. Being proactive is the best way to protect your home or business against roaches or other pests from becoming an ongoing problem.

Don’t Bug Out Pest Control provides

termite extermination
and control.

We have a unique expertise with termite pest control in NYC and central and northern NJ. Our area is home to both termites and carpenter ants, each requiring a thorough treatment approach. Your Our technicians is are highly trained to ensure that you get the most comprehensive termite control and protection, without paying for unnecessary termite treatments. Our experienced termite control experts will thoroughly inspect your home or business to determine the extent of the termite infestation, including the vulnerability of your property. A comprehensive inspection is critical because termite damage can go undetected in exposed wood even if the wood beneath the surface is being consumed. After a comprehensive site evaluation of your termite problem, our team will prepare a termite treatment plan specifically designed for your home or business, including an estimate of treatment costs along with an industry leading guarantee.

Our pest control experts rely on the latest pest management methods, which we use a variety of environmentally friendly treatments to address termite infestations, including:


Termite treatment barriers


Breaking Earth-to-Wood Contact


Moisture Control


Home or Business Repair Recommendations


Monitoring to Detect Re-Infestation Attempts

We offer fast and effective extermination of all types of ants.

Using proper treatment methods, our professionals can safely relieve you and your home of these unwanted pests. Ant control can be achieved no matter what species you have or where the nests are located. The key is using our comprehensive approach.” The comprehensive approach refers to the areas you’ll need to treat. Since it’s not possible to know all their nest sites, failure to treat all areas will result in having an ongoing infestation. So, to get long term ant control, allow us to treat all the proper areas so we can knock them out for good.

Commercial kitchen drains can be a breeding ground for insects like fruit flies. It can also be a major problem when dealing with the department of health. The good news is that we have a specially designed machine and environmentally friendly chemicals that ensures all the food and sludge will be cleaned from the your drain.

Making sure this is maintained on a regular basis will keep your kitchen as clean as it can possibly be.


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